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Intellectual Property: VC23 invests in the commercialization of breakthrough inventions through which a sustainable competitive advantage can be gained. Intellectual property that can’t be easily worked around provides an excellent barrier to competitive entry. Therefore, we focus our investments in companies that have such protective IP.


Management: We back management teams that listen to the market, develop new products to provide customer value by meeting unmet needs and/or delivering an order of magnitude improvement to the customer. We focus on CEOs that are driven to deliver exceptional investment returns to both investors and management teams.


Addressable Market: VC23 invests in companies that seek to provide exceptional new products into large addressable markets. Typically these markets have the potential to generate at least $100 million of annual revenues.


Broad Capital Base: We believe that early-stage companies benefit from a broad base of capital providers. Therefore, we typically invest with other venture firms and often with other types of investors (e.g. strategic players). A diverse funding group reduces risk for both the investors and companies.


Multiple Exit Opportunities: We have no strict time horizon for investment. Our goal is to maximize investment return for our investor group and management teams. Sometimes early exits provide that maximum return. Sometimes long holding periods are optimal. We care more about building value by building companies. We also recognize that valuable companies will be viewed as attractive acquisition candidates by numerous acquirers. This will eventually provide the opportunity to consider selling the company at a high valuation.


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